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The Right Way to Get Rid of Wasps in the Dallas Area

If you discovered this site by searching for that phrase, you're not alone. During the warm-weather seasons, wasps can be a big problem in the Dallas area – and if you do nothing about it, the problem will only get worse.

The warm temperatures and dry conditions create just the right environment for wasps to thrive in our area. From spring to early fall, these colonies grow in size tremendously and the nests get bigger and bigger.

While many people confuse bees for wasps, and vice versa, the problems they cause for humans are ultimately the same:

  • Wasps create nests almost anywhere they don't care if the perfect spot is in your walls, in your attic, under your front porch or in other areas where people live and work.
  • The slightest disturbance to a wasps' nest can result in someone getting seriously hurt even if it's just an accident.
  • Thousands of wasps can live in a single nest. If you disturb it, chances are you'll be stung not just once, but dozens or hundreds of times.
  • A nest alone can do damage to the structure that it's attached to, often creating stains that are nearly impossible to remove, and also causing moisture damage.
  • Do-it-yourself wasp control is VERY dangerous and ineffective, unless you have the proper tools and experience.

These reasons are why it's so important to use a professional wasp control Dallas based company, no matter how small or large the problem.

Professionals can help locate the source of the problem (often the nest is hidden, or there is more than one). They use special equipment to remove the pests safely. Plus, they can help remove the nest and offer preventative measures to help stop future problems from occurring.

If you have a wasp problem, or have found an active nest on your property, use our “Wasp Control Dallas Guide below for tips on what to do right away.

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Wasp Control Dallas Guide

We can't stress this enough: For safe and effective wasp control Dallas residents and businesses need to practice caution and let the professionals handle the situation.

But there are additional steps you can take to help minimize the chances of injury or other problems.

Step 1: Call a local wasp control company

  • A wasp control Dallas - based company is your best defense against these pests.
  • Instead of calling one of the big national exterminator franchises, use a local expert that specializes in the removal of wasps in the Dallas area.
  • An experienced wasp control specialist will know the most effective techniques for getting rid of the problem in the quickest amount of time.
  • Take the time to verify the experience of a company and ask questions before hiring them. How long have they been doing wasp control? What are their methods? How many other customers have they served?

Step 2: Take action as soon as possible.

  • The sooner you call a wasp control Dallas company, the better.
  • In the early summer, colonies are still relatively small. But within only a few months, the population will grow exponentially.
  • By taking action in the spring, you can nip the problem in the bud before it gets worse.
  • Nests will be much smaller in the spring and therefore easier to remove. However, they may also be harder to find.

Step 3: Avoid the nest.

  • Like bees, wasps generally won't bother you if you don't bother them.
  • Keep your distance from the nest to avoid the chance of being stung.
  • Tell others about the location of the nest, including family members or neighbors, to ensure that no one stumbles upon it accidentally.
  • If the nest is in a spot that's hard to avoid, such as a walkway or garage, make every attempt to not disturb it.

Step 4: Don't attempt to remove the nest yourself.

  • Attempting to kill or remove the wasps yourself is NOT advisable.
  • Under no circumstances should you spray insect repellent at the nest, spray water at it with a garden hose, throw objects at it, or hit it with long objects in an attempt to knock it down.
  • These tactics will NOT stop the wasps from coming back, but they WILL cause you to be stung.
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Extra Tips for Wasp Control Dallas

  • If nests aren't harming anything, you can leave them alone.
  • A wasp nest does not pose any danger unless there is a chance that people will be stung. A nest found in the middle of a wooded area, for example, can be left alone.
  • Late fall? Leave it alone.
  • If you've discovered a nest in late fall or early winter, and the wasps aren't bothering anything, then you can just let nature take its course. Colonies will die off as the temperatures drop, and they won't return to the same nest next year.

Call the Wasp Control Dallas Experts

Don't let wasps and bees invade your living space (or your business) this season. The experts at Bee Removal Dallas are here to help.

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We are your local wasp control Dallas experts. Our team of skilled professionals has vast experience dealing with wasps, bees and other pests. We serve both residential and commercial clients throughout the Dallas metropolitan area.

When you call our experts, we come to your location right away often the same day. We'll remove the wasps and the nest, and we can also provide preventative services to help stop the problem from happening again in the future.

Contact us today and let us help you solve your wasp problem!

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