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How To Get Rid Of Bees in Lancaster TX  

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Here is a typical tree in Lancaster TX with a knot hole and the bees found it. The natural habitat of a Honey Bee is a hollowed out tree.  First of all, bees typically like to be high off the ground. They need an entrance, a hollow space to fill up with honey and hive and like us, they like a roof over their head. Trees make for the best homes.  There are many different ways to remove bees from trees.  One of the most oldest traditions is smoking them out.  You will need to puff smoke in the knot hole for multiple hours, but eventually they will come out.  Some Beekeepers use a trap out system.  Its a funnel that you place on the entrance to let the bees out but not back in.  You set up a beehive next to the tree and after several week they relocate inside the new bee box. This process can be very costly and not effective every time.  Most people need the bees gone the same day.  If you are not inclined to have your tree cut into, then extermination would be the fastest and cheapest method.

   Bee Removal Dallas  

If you look closely, you will see the many guard bees guarding the entrance and checking each bee that enters.  If the hive is disturbed, these guard bees sound the alarm with a pheromone smell and are also the first bees to attack.  They sacrifice their lives for the colony. 

Bee Removal Dallas

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