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Looking for a local Dallas bee removal company that promotes live bee removal near where you live? Look no further.  We are beekeepers and bee removal specialists.  We specialize in live honey bee removal from Dallas residential homes and commercial properties.  We enjoy removing a honey bee swarm when we get the chance.  Once we have collected all the bees that we can handle for the year, the future bee swarms and bee hives that we capture and remove from peoples homes and commercial properties, we donate to other local hobby beekeepers in Dallas. We also will relocate bee colonies back into the wild.  

If you are experiencing a bee or wasp problem, check out our how to get rid of bees page or give us a call on our Emergency Dallas Bee Removal Hotline now (214) 212-4573.  We offer free Dallas bee removal estimates and most of the time can provide you with same day service.  Ask us about a discount or coupon, and we will gladly give you one.  All of the bee control and bee removal jobs that we do, come with a full warranty and are guaranteed until the end of the calendar year. Hive removals are guaranteed for two full years from the date the work was accomplished. 

Our Dallas bee removal company is located in North Dallas. We have bee professionals throughout Dallas and Tarrant Counties. We provide service to all DFW cities. We are family owned and operated.  The owner, Harold Wright, is a second generation beekeeper and honey bee removal pro. All of our bee professionals are carefully screened, meticulously trained, licensed and insured.  Let us keep your family safe this year by having a professional beekeeper remove your Dallas bees safely and properly.

The complete range of Bee services that we offer in Dallas are live honey bee removal, wasp control, bee proofing, hornet control, cicada killer removal, carpenter bee removal, bee extermination, bumble bee removal, all ground hornets and all above ground nests hanging on roofs or trees.  Extermination of any type of flying stinging insect.


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