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Best bee control tips for homeowners & businesses in Dallas, Texas

If you've stumbled across this page by searching how to get rid of bees Dallas, then you're probably already dealing with a frustrating, potentially dangerous bee problem on your property...

  • Have you found an active hive near your home or business?
  • Are you afraid that you, your loved ones or customers could be stung?
  • Has someone already been stung when walking by the hive?
  • Do you fear that a beehive is located somewhere in your home, such as in your walls, in the attic or in the basement?
  • UnderAre bees making your life miserable by invading the areas where people live, work, play or simply walk by?
  • Do you want to get rid of the bees as quickly as possible, but aren't sure how to do it yourself?

Here in the Dallas area, bees can become a serious nuisance during the spring, summer and early fall. As the months go by, these colonies only get larger. At their peak, beehives can be home to 50,000 bees. When someone disturbs one of these nests, even by accident, they are in for big trouble.

It's no wonder why local homeowners and businesses constantly search online for how to get rid of bees Dallas. It's a nasty, annoying, even frightening problem that we all have to deal with at some point.

Dallas, Texas

You don't have to live with this problem all summer! By calling a professional bee control company, you can have the bees and their hive completely removed from your property, often within just a few hours.

This isn't a job for amateurs, however. If you have a problem with these troublesome pests, use our How to Get Rid of Bees Dallas Guide below for tips on what you must do next.

Tips: How to Get Rid of Bees Dallas

Bee Hive

Tip #1 Stay away from the hive, if possible.

  • An active beehive is generally not a problem until the bees see you as a threat. If you can keep your distance and not disturb them, then they will not disturb you either.
  • Unless the nest is located in a spot that you absolutely cannot avoid, then simply stay away from it.
  • Be sure to warn all others about the location of the hive, including family members, neighbors, guests, staff or employees, and tell them to stay away from that area until after a bee control expert has removed the problem.

Tip #2 Avoid the temptation to solve the problem yourself.

  • When searching for how to get rid of bees Dallas, you may discover a few personal blogs written by amateurs who claim to have DIY solutions for bee control. But please remember this is a job for professionals only!
  • The best strategy for removing bees is to let an expert handle it, as you'll read below.
  • Do NOT spray cans of insect repellent at a hive. This may kill a few bees, but you will quickly be swarmed by many others, even if you are several yards away.
  • Do NOT knock the hive with long poles or throw objects at it.
  • Do NOT spray water at the hive with a garden hose.
  • These rash decisions will only lead to injury. Plus, they will do nothing to actually solve the bee problem or remove the hive.

Bee Removal Experts

Tip #3 Call a professional immediately.

  • If you followed the tips above, then now it's time to call the pros.
  • A bee removal professional is the only good answer to the problem of how to get rid of bees Dallas.
  • Professional bee removal companies have the skills, knowledge, experience and equipment to remove the pests from your property in the safest and quickest way possible.
  • These pros use special protective gear to prevent being stung. Plus, a professional beekeeper can often capture the bees without killing them, so they can be taken to a local bee apiary.

How to get rid of bees Dallas? Call our experts!

At Bee Removal Dallas, we specialize in safe, effective bee control throughout Dallas, Texas, and surrounding areas.

No matter what type of bee problem you have, large or small, our experts can assist you immediately often the same day you call us.

  • Bee Removal Dallas consists of knowledgeable, highly skilled technicians who are experienced with many different scenarios, from beehives located indoors to hidden nests in walls, under porches and other situations.
  • We are also beekeepers! We try to save bees at every opportunity. Depending on the situation, we may use a bee vac or bee boxes to collect the bees and transfer them to an apiary.
  • When you call us, we will completely remove the bees and the hive. We can also assist with preventative methods to keep future bee colonies from invading your space.
  • We pride ourselves on offering fast, effective service for every customer. We are committed to providing utmost professionalism at all times, and we aren't satisfied until you are!

If you've been searching online for how to get rid of bees Dallas, then you've found your answer!

Let the experts at Bee Removal Dallas tackle your bee problem immediately.

Call for professional bee control in the Dallas area.

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