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Beekeeping Dallas Experts, What to Do if You Have a Bee Problem

During the spring and summer months, it's very common in our area for people to search in Google for beekeeping Dallas.

At this time of year, bees can be a big problem, especially here in the Dallas area. But that doesn't mean you have to live with these insects and risk getting stung. By calling a professional beekeeping Dallas based company, you can have the bees and the hive removed promptly and safely.

If the bee hive is located within an active area of your home or business, then there's a strong chance that someone could be stung, simply by walking by.

Young children are particularly at risk if they play near a hive. A child can easily disturb a hive by accident, with a ball or simply by knocking into it, nearly guaranteeing that he or she will be stung.

If someone is allergic to bee stings, this can become an even more serious situation, requiring immediate medical attention if the person is stung by multiple bees at once.

Trying to remove or kill the bees yourself can be VERY dangerous and almost always results in serious injury (as you'll discover in the examples below), unless you have the proper equipment and skills for beehive removal.


This is why it's crucial to call the professionals whenever you have a bee problem.

Professional beekeepers in particular know the proper ways to capture and handle bees, so they can remove the insects and the hives without anyone getting hurt.

A beekeeping Dallas company vs. an exterminator

In most cases, you don't need to kill the bees to get rid of the problem. There are simpler and more effective ways to remove the pests from your property without exterminating the entire colony.

In fact, killing off a colony can create another problem in itself especially if the beehive is in your home. Up to 50,000 bees can live in a single hive. You can imagine the mess this would create when thousands of bees begin to die off in different areas of your house or your property.

A beekeeping Dallas company will use special equipment to capture the bees, doing their best not to harm the bees at all. The beekeepers will typically either use a bee vac or bee boxes to collect the insects. From there, the bees can be transferred to a local bee apiary.

It's important to remember that bees play a very important role in our natural world. Honey bees are of course crucial for the production of honey. But also, bees help pollinate crops and are essential to the successful growth of produce around the world.

When to do a search for Beekeeping Dallas

Professional Beekeeper

If you've found this page, then you likely know you have a bee problem and are thinking about calling some beekeeping Dallas professionals. But you may not be sure how serious your problem is or which steps to take.

  • Have you found a hive on your property particularly one that's in a spot where people often pass by?
  • Are you constantly finding bees throughout your home?
  • Have you or others already been stung a few times, while you were in the same general area?
  • Are you worried that someone could get seriously hurt, particularly someone in your family who is allergic to bee stings?
  • Do you sense there is a beehive close by due to all the bees on your property, but you're not sure where it's located?

If you answered to any of these questions, then it's a good idea to call a beekeeping Dallas professional right away. They will carefully inspect your property to find the hives(s) and will offer safe, effective solutions for removing them.

Keep in mind that a beehive is generally not a concern if it's located away from people.

For example, if you find a hive in a wooded area, away from your home or business, then you can just leave it alone. The bees will not harm anything, and they will begin to die off in the late fall.

What NOT to do if you have bees

Every year, people make the mistake of trying to tackle their bee problem by themselves. And in almost every instance, they are terribly injured.

  • Do NOT spray insect repellent at the hive.
  • Do NOT hit the hive with a stick, pole or thrown objects.
  • Do NOT spray the hive with a garden hose.
  • Do NOT try to the bees with a large trash can, bucket or other container.

Professional Beekeeping

Our experts are happy to tackle any bee problem, large or small. We will remove the bees from your property, as well as the hive. We are fast, professional, and we guarantee you'll be satisfied with our results, Just give us a call and we'll get rid of the bees!

Call for a free bee removal estimate from our beekeeping Dallas experts.

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