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Bee Safe Bee Removal is proving Wasp Control and Live Honey Bee Removal Coppell TX


Looking for a local Coppell Bee Removal company that knows how to do a live bee removal, saves the honey bees and relocates them to their apiary. You have found us. We offer multiple different types of flying stinging insect services. Our services include Honey Bee Removal, Wasp Removal and Control, getting rid of yellow jackets, bumble bees, cicada killer, carpenter bees and even sometimes the annoying mud daubers or some refer to them as dirt daubers.


Our most exciting job is when we get the chance to remove a beautiful honey bee swarm from trees and bushes. Bees swarm when the hive gets too crowded usually at the beginning of spring and they divide. Half of the bees take off with the queen and gather up on a nearby branch of a tree or a bush. The other bees stay in the hive and make a new queen by feeding royal jelly to many recently laid fertilized eggs. Within 16 days, a new queen hatches out, kills off all the other queens. 10 days later, she will take a mating flight, mate with several drones in the air and then return to the hive to begin laying up to 1000 eggs a day.

The swarm of bees that left the hive will either make a new home on a tree branch, bush or they will enter into our homes, usually an eave, chimney, soffit, wall, between the floors, in barns, sheds, roofs, weep holes, attics, mobile homes, trailers apartments, commercial properties or any other hollow space that they can find.


Apart from bee services, we also offer Coppell Wasp Control which involves removing dangerous yellow jackets, carpenter bees, bumble bees and wasps that live above and under the ground in arbors, pergolas in dense shrubs, mulch piles.

Like the honey bees, these guys are mean and will put you in the hospital. Over the years, we have perfected out technic on how to remove these ground dwelling types of hornets. Many people mistake these for honey bees and think that if you just leave them alone, they won't mess with you.

The dangerous part about these stinging insects is that they are territorial and they have bad attitudes. The first sign of any type of disruption near their home like a lawn mower mowing near their entrance or just simply watering the grass will cause them to sound the alarm, which is a pheromone that causes all of the yellow jackets, wasps, carpenter bees and bumble bees to exit the nest and sting everything that isn't one of them.

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