Bee Control Dallas Texas – Helpful Tips To Solve Your Bee Problem!

Bee Control Dallas Professional In SuitSearching online for terms like “bee control Dallas Texas” is a common first step for anyone who has a bee problem during the spring and summer months.

If bees have become a nuisance in your backyard, or around your business, then there's probably a hive located somewhere on your property. Sometimes it's obvious where the bees have built their hive. Other times, it may be hidden. In either case, you'll know if they live nearby, because these insects will multiply quickly as the temperatures heat up, causing a major conflict with humans.

Honey bees are extremely beneficial to our natural world. Without their help in pollinating crops, our food souces would be seriously limited. But let's face it: when you're trying to relax on your patio or deck, then you don't want bees flying around your head the whole time or stinging your guests. That's when it's time to look for an experienced “bee control Dallas Texas” company – professionals that specialize in bee control and hive removal right here in Dallas and the surrounding region.

By calling the right local pros, you can typically have your bee problem resolved in just a few hours – possibly the same day you call. And in many cases, the bees won't even need to be exterminated to have them removed.

But one of the first things that will need to be done before the bees can be removed is: finding the hive to figure out where they live.

First Step To Bee Control Dallas Texas – Where Is The Hive?

Bee Control In Dallas Home RoofJust one hive can have 30,000 to 50,000 honey bees. The question is: where the heck is it?

If it's not obvious to you where the hive is located, don't worry. Your bee control Dallas Texas professionals should be able to identify the location. But if you're still curious, here are some common places to look.

Honey bees live in:

- Hollow trees or open cavities in trees
A large tree is often an ideal locale for honey bees to build their hive because it provides protection and is usually undisturbed by other animals. If bees are invading your outdoor space, look at the nearby trees (very carefully, so you don't disturb the bees) to see if you can spot the hive or see bees entering through a cavity.

- Spaces in building walls
Honey bees love almost any open crevice that provides a safe, protected spot for their hive. Unfortunately, that means they will build their bee hive in nearly any hole or crevice they find around your house: in the siding, under eaves, in holes or mortared brick and stone, and many other spaces.

This is also how some honey bee colonies end up inside the walls of people's homes. They find a small access point from the outside and begin building their hive right inside your house.

- Virtually any other protected area
If there's an object in nature that provides ideal conditions for a hive, protected from the elements and predators, then there's always the possibility that bees will make it their home.

Call The Experts! Bee Control Dallas Texas

Bee Control Professional Holding Bee Hive In DallasLet the professionals at Bee Removal Dallas help you get rid of your bee problem. We are highly trained and experienced in removing bee hives, as well as wasp nests and other summer pests. We are also beekeepers, so we make every attempt to save honey bees, capturing them with a bee vac or bee box and transferring them to our own bee apiary.

Call us now at (214) 295-9703 and we'll send an expert to remove your bees (and the hive) right away!

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