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How to quickly & safely get rid of any bee problem

Bee control Dallas is a hot topic in our area during the warm-weather seasons. As the temperatures heat up, bee colonies grow at a remarkable rate – often resulting in up to 50,000 bees in just a single hive.

Unfortunately, many of these colonies make their home in spots that are very troublesome for humans.

Places bee hives are often found
  • In attics
  • In garages
  • Under porches
  • Next to busy walkways
  • Under the eave of a roof
  • Hidden in the walls of homes
  • In trees and shrubs
  • Along the sides of buildings

Bees and wasps of different varieties will form their nests and hives in nearly any opening or crevice, indoors or outdoors. But this is exactly what makes these insects such a problem for humans. As bees' homes are built in close proximity to our own homes and businesses, the bees are more likely to see us as a threat when we get close.

  • Someone gets stung, often a child, simply by walking past the hive.
  • If the hive is disturbed, a person can easily be stung dozens or hundreds of times in just seconds.
  • Several stings can be a serious medical concern for anyone, but if the person is allergic, the situation becomes even more urgent.
  • If the hives are inside your walls, you have thousands of bees flying from room to room, and you'll find countless dead bees on the floor as many can't find their way back out.
  • You try using home remedies to solve the problem and kill the bees, but nothing works and you only get stung.

This is why so many people go online to search bee control Dallas during spring, summer and early fall. Local residents and business owners are desperate to find a solution for bee control Dallas that can stop these pests from invading their lives.

Attempting to fix the problem yourself isn't the answer, and it could be extremely dangerous. However, there is a quick, safe, and effective way to get rid of the bees and the hive.

Local Resident and Beekeeper

#1 Solution for Bee Control Dallas

Although you may be tempted to kill, trap or scare off the bees yourself, these methods are NOT recommended. The best way to get rid of the bees is to call an experienced bee control Dallas - based company.

Only the experts are equipped to tackle bee problems properly. You can save yourself time and hassle by calling an experienced bee control specialist who will resolve the problem much faster and more effectively than you ever could on your own.

  • They have the skills and knowledge to effectively capture and remove all the bees from the hive.
  • Their specialized tools and equipment enable them to safely get rid of the bees and the hive itself.
  • They have experience dealing with these situations, so they know the proper strategies for addressing different types of problems (i.e. hives hidden in walls, hives that are located in hard-to-reach areas, and so on)
  • The most skilled experts can get rid of the bees in just a few hours or less leaving little to no trace of the hive.
  • If the company also specializes in beekeeping, they can collect the bees without harming them, so they can be transferred to a local bee apiary.

Without the proper training or equipment, you will NOT be able to solve your pest problem on your own without getting hurt or causing someone else to be stung.

This is why it is so crucial to call the professionals. You'll have peace of mind knowing that the problem is being taken care of by a skilled expert who knows what he's doing.

The WRONG Ways to Attempt Bee Control

If you stumbled upon this page by searching bee control Dallas, then perhaps you're looking for some do-it-yourself tips on how to remove the hive on your own.

We can't stress this enough: bee removal is best left to the professionals! Contrary to what others on the Internet may say, handling bees is extremely dangerous.

  • Never attempt to use ordinary pest control products, such as insect/bee repellent spray on a hive. This will only hurt a small fraction of the bees and could result in your being stung.
  • Do not throw any objects such as rocks at an active hive in an attempt to knock it down or destroy it.
  • Never dump any water on a hive or spray with a water hose.
  • Do not ever try to trap the bees by placing a large container over the hive.

The only effective solution for bee removal is to simply avoid contact with the hive as much as possible and call a professional.

Bee Removal Professional Company

Call the Bee Control Dallas Experts

Bee Removal Dallas is a professional bee control Dallas company serving the metropolitan area.

Bee Control Experts

Our experts have extensive experience in all forms of bee control and removal. All it takes is one quick phone call and we can be at your property right away often the same day you call us.

We are professional beekeepers, so we have vast knowledge on the proper ways to handle bees, and we use special equipment to capture them and remove them without killing them. We also remove the hive to prevent future problems and potential damage to the structures they're attached to.

There's no problem that we can't handle, so if you're searching for bee control Dallas, call us today and our friendly, courteous experts will provide immediate assistance!

Call for a free bee removal estimate.

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